You want to contact Te-Wei? I am not sure if I can find him myself. He is hiding somewhere his wife cannot bother him.

Call him? You can try his office number (217)206-8253 . However, unless you know his office hour, He tries very hard to stay away from his office. Even if he is in his office, he has socialphbia. He don't want to talk to anyone. You can, however, leave a message through voice mail.

Write him a letter? It may work. However, his last letter to his mom was 15 years ago. God know how long he will reply your letter.

Instant Message? What is that? Try the chatting box on this page. You may catch him online.

If you have appointment with Te-Wei, you can join Te-Wei's Elluminate vRoom. Or, if you prefer to use Adobe technology, you can join Te-Wei's Adobe Connect office at Ming-Chi University of Technology. He might be able to solve some problems for you.

For Now, The best way to reach Tewei is sending e-mail to tewei@teweiwang.net